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We don't want to sell you something you don't need, and we appreciate you may want to meet the trainers and see a class before signing up.  So we encourage coming by our introductory session.  Older puppies and mature dogs coming for training must have a one-on-one placement assessment prior to starting a group class – call ahead if you would like to set that up during the Tuesday introductory session.

 PayPal is here for you to use if your shelter or rescue needs proof of payment OR if you decide our classes are for you and want to reserve a spot before class fills up.   Whether you use PayPal or want to bring your payment to your first class, please fill in and send us your registration form at this link as soon as possible!

Class Type Age Group Ongoing Start or Set Date Purpose Format Times Cost

(HST not included)

AMUSEMENT BARK If you have not taken classes with us before, please contact us to see if one of these classes are for you! Ongoing How much fun can you have with your dog? Game night is the place to find out! Each night is packed full of games and exercises and beyond being a blast will build new skills, focus, confidence and relationship Build your dog's interest in listening to you – for example in coming when they are called - and provide a great environment for you to have fun together. Examples of class activities: Scent and Find It Games, Push the Easy Button, Cones & Mats, Ladders & Tunnels, Hoops & Tunnels, Skateboarding 1 hour, once weekly over 4 weeks $100
TRICKS & FUN For small dogs over 5 months Ongoing Simply have FUN with your dog. Tricks taught in class include: Sit, Spin, Shake Hands, High Five, Take a bow, Hoop Jump, Target /Touch, Roll Over, Jump Through My Arms, Wave, Crawl, Sit Pretty/Beg, and a few more super fun tricks! 1 hour per class, once weekly over 6 weeks $120
Private Training for Challenging Behaviours 8 weeks plus Ongoing Customized For those who prefer one-on-one attention. Available at the training hall or in your own home. Appropriate for issues like growling and lunging on leash, barking, nipping other dogs/people, counter surfing and significant resource guarding, separation anxiety, thunderphobia and obsessions. Contact us to start. Initial 1.5 consultation and plan $80
3 FREE Puppy Classes 8 – 16 weeks Ongoing Socialiation 1 hour per class, once weekly over 3 weeks. Additional weekly drop-in Playgroup included. (contact us about your preferred night) FREE
Elite Puppy Montessori maximum 16 weeks old at the start of the program (exceptions possible for large and toy breeds) Ongoing Socialization Mannners 1.5 hours per class, once weekly over 8 weeks. There is additional time after class to discuss training concerns and answer any questions.

Note: If you need to miss a class, you can arrange to attend one of our free puppy classes so your puppy stays social. Wednesday 6pm drop-in Playgroup included.

Saturdays, 10:30am - noon $200
Level ONE: Foundations Obedience Puppies up to 8 months old or our Puppy Class graduates.

* must have both sets of vaccinations.

Ongoing Theme Classes Socialization, Manners 1 hour per class, once weekly over 6 weeks. Designed to help your dog become a well mannered canine companion both in and outside of the home. In order to ensure personalized attention, classes are purposely kept small.

Goals on completion of level one are: • Loose leash walking 101 • To greet people and dogs appropriately. • Come when called under various distractions. • Go to Mat • Maintain a stay in the sit and down position.

All puppy class clients receive a $20. 00 discount if registering within one month of your last puppy class

(contact us about your preferred night) $160
LEVEL TWO: Manners Plus and Fun Agility From 6 months to 1.5 years old. Appropriate for good dogs that missed out on puppy obedience classes.

* must have both sets of vaccinations.

Series Manners, Agility Basics (Fun-gility) 1 hour per class, once weekly over 6 weeks. 6 week course to introduce dogs and their owners to the fun and exciting dog sport of agility and build on basic obedience behaviors of sit, down and stay in the context of the sport of agility. Sundays 2:00pm – contact office to arrange class start $160
LEVEL TWO: Manners Plus and Canine Good Neighbour From 6 months to 1.5 years old. Appropriate for good dogs that missed out on puppy obedience classes.

* must have both sets of vaccinations.

Series Manners, Canine Good Neighbour Prep Class 1 hour per class, once weekly over 6 weeks. Teaches and builds on basic obedience behaviors of sit, down and stay along with the other behaviours – like polite greetings - that prepare a dog to get their Canine Good Neighbour certification from the Canadian Kennel Club. Sundays 1:00pm – contact office to arrange class start $160
ADOPTION & RESCUE PACKAGE New adult adoptees. Ongoing Once we understand the unique needs of you and your rescue, we customize a plan to get you where you want to go. 1.5 hour consultation + 2 x ½ hour follow-ups Addresses the most critical things we've identified as part of successfully bringing a new adult dog into your home. A one-on-one consultation is followed-up by 2 customized sessions (example - an off-leash test and a introductory obedience class) contact office to arrange appointment $150.00 (home)

$120 (hall)

BEYOND LEVELS: TRAINING GYM for Lifelong Learners Puppies 6 months+ older dogs who are DF clients or have been OK’d by trainer Ongoing gym-style Manners, Competition Preparation (Rally, Obedience, Agility, etc.) Weekly classes enable you to practice skills in a distracting environment with the assistance of our trainer’s input.


Sun. noon Mon. 8pm Tues. 2 & 8pm Sat. noon – 1pm $200 for 8 weeks (discount on renewing)
BARK AND SNARL REMEDIAL CLASS For good dogs who need to reduce their aggressive tendencies. Ongoing Aggression reduction, leash control. The curriculum in this course includes reducing aggression on or off leash by using conditioning and behaviour modification.

The program will be adjusted based on the needs of the individual dog.

Thursday - 8:15p.m. $300 per month includes 4 group classes and 2 individual private lessons to work on specific issues