Puppy coming home in a suitcase, great puppy training and puppy classes in Guelph, Ontario at Dog Friendship Inc.

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Have a look at this New Puppy Shopping List, B 4 U Get a Pet.ca and Before You Get Your New Puppy (a big download but well worth it), Finding a Good Breeder - great article from the British Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors).



 (for puppies 8 - 14 weeks - older puppies will need an assessment and must be under 7 months old)

Every class has time for play.  We believe every puppy needs puppy classes - in a safe, fun environment for you both.  Puppies must have had their first round of shots. Why we do this:  puppies who go to puppy class have a much lower chance of being surrendered to a shelter at age six months (generally the height of teenage puppy misbehaviour) and we want to prevent this!

Follow-up 'Puppy Foundations" course is available at the end of three weeks.

Montessori education is characterized by an emphasis on independent thinking, freedom within limits, and respect for a youngster’s natural development. We want puppies to learn how to want to be great, well- mannered dogs- happy in your family.

What Vets say About Puppy Training - "the importance outweighs the risks" - for more detail see the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) position on Puppy Socialization

Coming to Puppy Class?

  • We suggest using a flat buckle collar with a four foot nylon leash for training (or a harness for small dogs.)

  • Please bring about two cups of raisin sized "high value" soft treats (think liver, cheese and similar goodies in small pieces) and a cup of your puppy's kibble.

  • Please bring your vaccination papers from your vet. Expect to stay about one hour, so make sure you've had dinner.

  • Wear comfortable clothes (there will be a lot of getting up and down). If you or anyone in your family has a medical condition that may require accommodation or emergency treatment, please let your instructor know when you arrive in class.

    Have a look at our FAQ's page for more detail information.

Classes include Safe Puppy Playgroup - For puppies up to 20 weeks old. MUST NOT go to off leash parks.  The purpose of this group is socialization and fun - in an environment that is as safe and clean as possible.

TIME: Wednesdays 6 - 6:45 pm

          (skip dates: March 16th - school break)

COST: $10 per session or book 6 sessions for $50 (** free if you have a puppy in our puppy classes)

We do not take reservations for play time, so please show up on time or early for a spot (6 maximum). 

Where: Play times are in our climate-controlled, clean facility with rubber flooring at 52 Victoria Road South (near York Road).  

Kids: Well-mannered children are allowed. Children should not run & play with the dogs during the dogs' play time and must be supervised by someone 14 years or over NOT in charge of the dog.

What to Bring: Please bring your payment as cash or check, or your receipt if you paid online. Also bring with treats, shot records, and your dog on a regular leash (not retractable).

FOR OUR OTHER PLAYGROUPS (click here if your puppy or dog is over 20 weeks old)

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