Dog Bite Prevention Programs


For school-aged children and expectant parents, you will find dog bite prevention information in all of our puppy training, private lessons and manners classes.

We provide you with important information regarding canine body language and communication. We'll teach you how to understand what your dog is trying to say, and how to act accordingly.

BE A TREE from Doggone Safe!

Be A Tree is a seminar program for school-aged children. Through fun and interactive activities, they will learn how to read dog body language and how to act safely around their own dogs, as well as unfamiliar dogs . Dog Friendship's lead trainer is a certified Doggone Safe "Be a Tree" presenter.  We can deliver a presentation to your Guelph neighbourhood group (or local area), school, Scout, Guides or Cub class, church group or any other setting where parents and caregivers want to show their kids how not to get bitten by a dog! 

DOGS AND STORKS                    

Dogs And Storks is a program designed for new or expectant parents and their dog(s). This dog bite prevention program helps prepare parents and their pup before the baby arrives. It allows for a smooth transition to welcoming their new bundle of joy. Plus, it reduces the risk of dog bites and keeps their furry family member out of the shelter.

"Dogs & Storks offers positive, practical and fun solutions for new and expecting families. Our programs clear up myths, emphasize realistic expectations and set families and their dogs up for success before baby arrives!"

Dog Friendship is well versed in the Dogs and Storks curriculum and will custom-design a group lesson (for your birthing class) or for a private session in your home as you prepare yourself (and your dog) for baby.