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if you would like a contribution to a silent auction at your next fundraising event.

We are proud supporters of good causes in our local communities, including:

Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis, Hospice Wellington,

The Rainbow Chorus of Waterloo-Wellington, Wyndham House

and many more more 

Royal City Animal Hospital's

Pet Wash for Charity

We recently supported the Guelph Humane Society by volunteering at their Bike-a-Thon...congrats to all the peddling animal lovers who made the trek.


K9 Helpers Services Dogs in Guelph used to provide psychiatric service dogs to people who need them and we were very vocal supporters of their efforts (and we even worked with one of their dogs in training).  Unfortunately, they seem to no longer be operating.

Ontario Veterinary Medical Association's SafePet ProgramOVMA is dedicated to helping battered women leave abusive relationships. There's no need to delay the decision to leave because of worry about who will take care of your dog. This program places the woman's pets in a veterinary facility or foster home until they are able to be reunited safely. For more information visit your veterinarian - or if you are a woman seeking safety, you can   call the Assaulted Women’s Helpline at 1.866.863.0511 or the crisis line at Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis: 519-836-5710 or 1-800-265-7233.


As part of Dog Friendship's commitment to diversity, we pledge our support to diversity as follows:

  • We will challenge our assumptions about people's sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • We have re-evaluated the gender "binary", knowing that there are many shades of grey between 'male' and 'female',
  • We work to inform ourselves about the diversity of the rainbow, doing our own research about sexual and gender identities,
  • we will strive to avoid using hurtful works, and regardless of a person's intent we will remind those around us that words like "tranny" and "that's so gay" are never appropriate --- unless under active, current and positive reclamation by a member of the affected minority,
  • We will strive to use inclusive language, such as "folks" instead of 'guys' and use neutral pronouns in our written material,
  • We will make it a point to ask about a person's partner, instead of their boyfriend or girlfriend
  • We will strive to treat people the way they want to be treated - inquiring discreetly and respectfully about issues such as pronoun preference,
  • We will be visible, talking openly about the challenges faced by the LGBT*Q+ community and show our support for their rights.
  • We will confront homophobia, transphobia, heterosexism and cissexism by calling it out when we see it, provided it is safe for us to do so,
  • We will work to call attention to the ways that our society privileges heterosexual and cisgender people,
  • We will actively seek to avoid adding to oppression in the world, and we will try to be aware of our own privilege.