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Dogs on buses

Posted by Dog Friendship on Tuesday, December 13, 2011 Under: safety around dogs

Recently, a local person asked about a city policy about dogs on public transit/buses.  This had me wondering about “what’s normal” for dog transportation across North America.

The owner said something like “I do not have a car and there are many off leash parks that I would love to take my dog too, but they are too far away for me to walk. If the dog is badly behaved, then my dog should simply not allowed on the bus. There are rules that pet owners must follow like not jumping up on others. My dog wouldn’t jump on and bother the other passengers.  In a time when many transit systems are looking to increase ridership to cut down on pollution, why can’t this be one method to get more people – and their dogs – on the bus?”

In our area, guide dogs, service animals and pets that can be transported in small carriers are permitted on buses, but not larger non-working dogs.  Large cities near us do allow dogs, others don’t, some allow them only in non-peak hours, others all the time.

However, the local transit manager noted that because it’s a public transit system, the comfort, safety and security of all passengers must be taken into consideration. Issues such as allergies, discomfort that passengers may have with unfamiliar animals and the potential biohazard of pet waste are some of the areas that have been identified as concerns in terms of expanding the existing policy and allowing more dogs on board.  To that we would add increased liability (if interactions turn ugly) and increased need to act as “dog behavior police” by drivers who would best be focused on the road.  Except…aren’t these issues common to the people that ride the bus as well?  And couldn’t a Canine Good Citizen test be used as a screen to check whether a dog is “adult enough” to be out in public.

This issue reminds me of debate we’ve heard about using public parks, and comments we saw from a British trainer noting that dogs should be allowed to go anywhere if they’re well-behaved and banned if they’re not.  

Dog Friendship still doesn’t know how to deal with potential conflict of needs – a service dog helping someone with a disability that triggers an allergy from a person nearby.  We just wonder if these are all real reasons or whether someone is just making a call based on “we don’t have the energy to create a public system that works for everyone”.

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So here's a challenge - our site host (Yola) has decided not to maintain blogging capability any  more.  So our old blogs are below and happy tagged and archived but we can't add any more.

 new blog "Ask Ms. Behaviour" is at Tumblr (posts still show up on this page, but are not tagged, and look MUCH better at http://dogfriendship.tumblr.com/). 

You can also see the same blog material if you're a WordPress user at: http://askmsbehaviour.wordpress.com/