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Call 226-500-3647 so that we can help with separation anxiety and develop a treatment plan that will get you to a better place. 

Separation anxiety is your dog’s panicked response to being left alone. The results — including property destruction and the deterioration of your dog’s health (both mental and physical) — can be devastating. 

Separation anxiety is very different from your average misbehaviour. It is usually not true that when your dog barks monotonously,chews your shoe or urinates on the rug, they are seeking revenge for having been left home alone. Usually, this type of behaviour is a result of boredom or a break in housetraining because you were out for a long time.   True separation anxiety is diagnosed by our specialists after taking a video of your dog`s behaviour and analyzing it.  The good news is that, with effort, separation anxiety is treatable.  The challenging news is that it is often a long process and many dogs do better if they receive medication at the same time as treatment to make them less sensitive to your leaving the house. 

We use the proven protocols of key experts in the field including Pat Miller, San Fransisco Bay Area anxiety expert Marlena DeMartini (here is an overview of the process with before and after videos from one of her clients: http://dogzandtheirpeoplez.com/2016/03/14/separation-anxiety-in-dogz/).

We offer a cost-effective separation anxiety package that includes a 1.5 hour in person assessment visit, detailed information on the disorder based on the latest science-based techniques, video review and delivery of a full assessment and treatment plan.  Seeing your home lets us make sure the program is customized for your unique situation,  Once the overview and plan is done, much of the hard work is done by you with occasional check-ins from us to make sure things are working for you as designed.  We expect that when this program is finished, your dog will be much improved! 

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