Merck Veterinary Manual
Cornell University Veterinary Database & symptom checker
Pet Med
Veterinary Medical Info online
Veterinary Medat
webMD's Pet Section - Common Conditions
Dog Owners Guide - Health Articles
Veterinary Partner
US - Veterinary Oral Health Council (certifies some dental products)
Animal Wellness Magazine
Deaf Dog Resource Centre - including Recommended Reading (some general behaviour, some deaf specific) and a list of more websites

Health Records - 

Purina has a free iphone/Android app for tracking important info and health records for your pets

Check Apple/Google Play Store for more apps!

Dog Hereditary Disease
UK KC Breed Health Surveys
Inbreeding Analysis by Breed
Dog Longevity Data
Canine Diversity Project
Canine Behavior and Genetics Project
Canine Genetic Diseases Network
Practical Solutions in Breeding

Certifying hips and elbows free of hereditary issues

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (

PennHIP (

Importing Dogs into Canada - Canadian Food Inspection Agency overview