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We're all wonderfully different -  your family may not look exactly like the one above. No worries!

We offer what we think are world class puppy training and life skills, family dog and dog life skills and behaviour programs at our boutique training facility.  Classes are in Central Guelph (near downtown) in our air-conditioned  and easy to access hall with special rubber flooring, double gating for safety, veterinary-level sanitation, a dedicated puppy room and:

  • certified and well-qualified trainers
  • one-on-one training time
  • family-owned business
  • personal and affordable
  • free and easy parking

We are experts at assessing where you and your canine companion are at - and then figuring out how to get you to where you want to be. There's a lot of dog training advice out there - our experienced trainers find the safest and dog-friendliest options that work and customize them for you.

We help puppies learn life skills and offer help problem behaviour like barking, pulling on leash, house training, biting, chewing and digging in both training classes and one-on-one consultations.

With our knowledgeable staff (who are always learning about the latest in dog training and human learning styles to make your experience the best possible) we think you'll find the best dog training school in Guelph and the surrounding area.  High trainer to learner ratios make classes awesome and personalized.

We use humane methods and the latest research to deliver results that solve problems -- and build lasting friendships between humans and safe, happy and well-behaved dogs.  Our specialty is working with owners to create great partnerships - ensuring your dog is a beloved and well-behaved member of your family.  And we support great relationships between people, dogs and dog professionals.

We are Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers Professional Members and support the CAPPDT Code of Ethics.

We respect the rights of each person attending our training hall and are committed to providing an environment in which everyone can feel safe.  Any behaviour that could be reasonably perceived as significantly physically, emotionally or mentally harmful to individuals will result in the offender being asked to leave. 

Let`s all look out for each other and enjoy our dogs.

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Acknowledging Guelph’s History

Dog Friendship Inc. is a Canadian company doing business on the traditional territory of the Attawandaron/ Attawandaronk/Neutral Peoples. The colonial processes of early immigrants (Dutch, English and French) through which Dog Friendship’s owners came to live on this land - and so choose Guelph in which to operate the business - were deeply unjust to these Peoples. Colonialism continues to cause great harm to their descendants and harms everyone who has been taught racism as a way of life. Because of this teaching, in injustice remains present today in individuals, institutions and throughout much of Canadian society. Dog Friendship Inc. endeavors to be accountable to this reality in ways that go beyond apology or a website mention. We consider ourselves allies of the descendants who lived on this land, and those who have been affected by racism. For example, we speak out against voices that say that the onlysolution for Ontario dogs kept on reserve must be “rescue” and we offer our support to approaches that increase the welfare of animals on reserve. We promise to work for justice and equity through all aspects of our business. We promise to work toward honouring the ancestors who inhabited this land and honouring the land itself. This includes a commitment to seeking out products that will not harm our environment.  As we seek to accomplish these things, we welcome your feedback and critique on our efforts and your suggestions for meaningful change.

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